About Us

PinkChoseMe Foundation partners with Bra Day USA closing the loop on breast cancer. Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day, or BRA Day USA, is an initiative designed to promote education, awareness and access regarding post-mastectomy breast reconstruction.

Our Mission

The mission for PinkChoseMe is to help women affected with cancer regain their emotional balance, self worth and inner and outer beauty.

Our Values

The core value of the PinkChoseMe Foundation is to be sensitive to the lives of others, by showing compassion and by giving selflessly. We seek to guide others through integrity, honor and strength
throughout all of our endeavors.


Educational workshops and other collateral materials are available to members of the foundation. Our workshops include cancer prevention, and healing through nutrition.

Workshops and Activities

These workshops and activities include Yoga, Tai-Chi, Cycling, Mediation, Art Therapy, Book Club, Cooking Classes, Spa Treatments, creative writing classes, and relationship counseling. We also enjoy a monthly “Girls’ Night Out”.

Support Groups

Professionals facilitate support groups for members, based on individual needs. PinkChoseMe provides referrals and other supportive resources.


Each PinkChoseMe member receives a complimentary “Day of Beauty”, wherein a team of stylists and professionals offers each member a choice of “Hair and Makeup” or “Wardrobe Styling”.

Health and Wellness Retreats

PinkChoseMe hosts partnerships with leading wellness retreats, offering complete mind and body wellness packages. World-renowned experts offer services including beauty treatments, massages, mud baths and more. From educational workshops to lifestyle consultations, PinkChoseMe members will enjoy a constant relaxing experience.

PinkChoseMe Foundation is a 501(C)(3) organization and all donations/funds to the Foundation are tax deductible.