Our Story

New Beginnings

When Tiffany was diagnosed with breast cancer at 29, she quickly discovered that no one looked like her and no one had her story. And so PinkChoseMe began.

A big part of recovery and healing is connecting with others who share your experience. You are walking into a world where your life is on the line, sometimes just hearing “that happened to me too” can bring you so much peace. PinkChoseMe is a community of women sharing their time, knowledge and support for other women diagnosed with breast cancer.

Our Mission

PinkChoseMe Foundation is dedicated to promoting awareness of breast cancer, early detection and providing support to those affected by breast cancer.

We focus on young women of color and women living with cancer in underserved communities. Our hope is to reduce healthcare disparities in breast cancer diagnosis and care and help survivors regain their emotional balance, self-worth and inner and outer beauty.

Our Values

The core value of the PinkChoseMe Foundation is to be sensitive to the lives of others, by showing compassion and by giving selflessly. We seek to guide others through integrity, honor and strength throughout all of our endeavors.


Educational workshops and other collateral materials are available to members of the foundation and newcomers.

Our workshops include cancer prevention, and healing through nutrition.

Support Groups

Professionals facilitate support groups for members, based on individual needs. PinkChoseMe Foundation will provide referrals and other supportive resources.

Workshops and Activities

These workshops and activities include Yoga, Pilates, Cycling, Meditation, Art Therapy, Book Club, Cooking Classes and relationship counseling. We also enjoy a monthly “Girls' Night Out”.


Each PinkChoseMe member receives a complimentary "Day of Beauty", wherein a team of stylists and professionals offers each member a choice of "Hair and Makeup" or "Wardrobe Styling".

Health and Welness Retreats

PinkChoseMe Foundation will collaborate with leading wellness retreats, offering complete mind and body wellness packages. World-renowned experts will offer services including beauty treatments, massages, mud baths and more. From educational workshops to lifestyle consultations, PinkChoseMe members will enjoy a constant relaxing experience.