Companion Love

Love and Support on 4 Legs

Throughout her breast cancer journey, Tiffany was lucky to have two loving pups by her side. The late Ezili, a 3 lb Yorkie, was with her throughout all of her bouts with breast cancer and treatments.

When Tiffany was diagnosed with breast cancer a second time, she felt the need to nurture. She adopted a second pup, the late Pinky, a 3 lb Chihuahua. Pinky was the official pup ambassador for PinkChoseMe.

Now Tiffany is now the pet parent of Elliot, a Cock-A-Chon, and Willow, a German Shepherd. They are digital security for PCM.

Two dogs sitting on the grass next to a tree.

Above: Willow and Elliot, Tiffany's current companions

Having pups around you during an emotional battle with any illness lends comfort only a loyal pup can give you. Ezili and Pinky were the best security blankets I could have.

- Tiffany Jones

5 Reasons to Own a Dog or Pet:

  1. Dogs can relieve stress.
  2. Dogs help alleviate loneliness.
  3. Walking a dog is a great form of exercise.
  4. Being with a dog can help lower blood pressure.
  5. They make you smile and laugh.

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